AWS Cloud Architect Job Description and Duties

Updated on: April 14, 2021
AWS Cloud Architect Position Overview

An AWS Cloud Architect is an information technology expert. They convert the technical requirements of a project into the architecture that will lead to the final product. Their work also involves bridging the gap between complex business problems and solutions.

AWS Cloud Architect Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to work as an AWS Cloud Architect is a degree in information technology, as well as an AWS certification. Prior experience is also required.

Skills and Abilities

It is complicated to work as an AWS Cloud Architect, which is why you have to be on your toes at all times.

Precisely, you will need a good knowledge of different operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and Solaris.

And you must possess a great understanding of networking including TCP/IP protocols, HTTP, and DNS. Computer programming languages must also be a strong point.

If you have an AWS certification and want to work as a cloud engineer, the following job duties will be helpful in creating a resume:

AWS Cloud Architect Job Description and Duties

• Develop, design, and deploy cloud infrastructures.

• Create a well-placed cloud strategy and lead the adaption process.

• Evaluate cloud applications on a regular basis.

• Develop and organize core cloud systems.

• Study present technology landscape and determine current workloads.

• Understand and document technical requirements.

• Design and deploy AWS network architecture including VPN connectivity.

• Develop architecture blueprints and correlating documentation.

• Assist engineers in setting up processes, services, and tools.

• Design and implement the overall VPC environment including server instances, storage instances, and subnets.

• Lead engagements as an AWS subject expert in order to identify and solve customer problems.

• Create blueprints for cloud infrastructure with AWS as the center.

• Provide consulting expertise in cloud operational models and roadmaps.

• Develop and maintain scale solutions, features, and applications on a fully modern technology stack.

• Mentor and guide engineers, and provide constructive feedback.

• Provide a detailed technical design for an enterprise solution.

• Ensure that quality cloud solutions are timely delivered to customers.

• Lead small to medium technical cloud management projects.

• Implement solutions on multiple system environments.

• Define and develop core and support processes and functional boundaries.

• Own successful implementation of client solutions.

• Provide detailed technical design for enterprise solutions.

• Take ownership of mission-critical features related to AWS development and deployment.

• Define performance metrics for target business architectures.

• Confer with business units and application development professionals in order to understand business requirements.

• Create performance metrics, and traceability maps to determine AWS architecture efficacy.

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