Data Architect Resume Example

Updated on: October 5, 2015

By building a core one, you can use spin off targeted editions of your resume, depending on which industry you are applying to. Remember that each company that you send a resume to, deserves a targeted one. Do not make the mistake of sending the same resume to every company within the industry. Targeted resumes rule. Generic ones don’t.

Targeted resumes often take up more time than generic ones do. In the former, you are attempting to be very specific which takes up a lot of time. Do it anyway. Here is an example of a targeted resume for a data architect position:


Data Architect Resume Example


Aaron Reed

692 Maple Drive ● Prairie Village ● KS 66773 ● (000) 999-9999 ● aaron.reed @ email . com


SUMMARY: An experienced data architect with demonstrated expertise in designing and developing relational and dimensional data models. Adept at handling distributed, cloud data systems and architectures.

• Hands-on experience in developing, improving and supporting data modeling and data integrity standards
• Proficient in monitoring and enforcing compliance of data standards in order to minimize data redundancies
• Qualified to provide support to project managers in terms of data naming conventions, standards and logical data designs
• Competent in using data modeling tools effectively and in correlation with each data module


– Naming conventions – Data sourcing – High volume management
– Standards compliance – Redundancy reduction – Reverse engineering
– Schemas implementation – Data warehousing – Application frameworks
– Logical designing – SDLC methodologies – Quality development

• Conducted 8 informational workshops to assist project managers in articulating the differences between common data structures and provide them with insight into the advantages and disadvantages and application of each of them
• Trained 52 new data analysists in handling the intricacies of large volume data processes
• Built one of its kind scalable, extendible data pipeline, which increased decision support to customer service and product teams by 66%
• Developed data architecture strategies, roadmaps, principles, standards, patterns and best practices to support business strategies and outcomes

Full Desk, Prairie Village, KS (6/2008 to Present)
Data Architect
• Comprehend and translate enterprise or business requirements into long-term data architecture solutions
• Design and implement warehouse and data mart structures and assist in implementing technology roadmaps
• Coordinate efforts with business analysts, developers and project managers to provide credence to a wide range of technology projects
• Design a variety of data models and transaction structures, including conceptual, logical and physical
• Assess clients’ present data environments, perform root cause analysis of issues and educate users on processes to resolve them
• Provide consulting and support to project managers with data sourcing, data feeds and logical data designs
• Ensure consistency and integration with existing data structures in enterprise data warehouses
• Work with data application teams and business analysts to help in the documentation of data flow diagrams

Cognizant, Prairie Village, KS (1/2005 to 6/2008)
Data and Reporting Analyst
• Identified, analyzed and interpreted data trends through thorough studies derived from research work
• Acquired data from primary and secondary data sources and performed maintenance on existing databases
• Filtered data and created reports and recommendations to improve business processes
• Located and defined new processes improvement opportunities
• Created metrics and aggregated data for executive team dashboards
• Managed multiple demand pipelines and facilitated time tracking and resource forecasting activities
• Handled data management analysis, incident structures and application configuration duties

Kansas State University, Prairie Village, KS – 2002
MS. Computer Science