Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter Sample

Updated: September 25, 2017

You cannot write a good Full Charge Bookkeeper cover letter if you are not clear about what the cover letter is actually supposed to do.

First things first – find out what the cover letter is written for, and then decide what you want to write in it. Your main focus should be on creating a positive impression on a hiring manager so that he or she is inclined towards hiring you.

However, this is not an easy task to perform. Actually, writing a cover letter is not a big deal, but writing one that brings results definitely is!

A Full Charge Bookkeeper cover letter should effectively communicate what your capabilities are, so that a hiring manager can keep you on top of the list of candidates who need to be interviewed. This too is no small feat. When you write a cover letter, your main emphasis should be on your skills and achievements.

Here is a cover letter that is written along these lines:


Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter Example



52 Wellington Ave
Mount Airy, MD 14214

September 25, 2017

Mr. Robert Moore
Human Resource Manager
Camp Venture
688 Braddock Road
Mount Airy, MD 60021


Dear Mr. Moore:

Perhaps my biggest achievement in the role of a full charge bookkeeper has been handling full-cycle accounting procedures of 3 offices at the same time, with not a single unmanageable discrepancy in the 6 years that I have worked at this position. Hoping to bring a profound set of achievements and qualifications to Camp Venture, I offer my services as a full charge bookkeeper.

Over the years, I have been responsible for a lot of full-cycle bookkeeping activities, including disbursements, invoicing and collections, reconciliation, and reporting work, all of which I have done with great professionalism. Owing to the fact that I am a meticulous person, I make it a point never to leave any loopholes, which may eventually lead to discrepancies.

Preparing custom reports from billing systems, processing payrolls, handling sales and property tax calculations, tracking vacation and paid sick time, and ensuring that all filing and scanning work is done in a confidential manner are some areas where my expertise are most prevalent. Since I take the security and safety of accounting records quite seriously, I have devised a foolproof way of maintaining records, keeping confidentiality a priority.

In order for me to further build up on the information that I have provided here, I would like to meet with you in person. I will contact your office to set a mutually convenient time soon, and can be reached at the number given below.




Fredrick Till
(000) 254-1254