How to Show Results in Numbers in a Bookkeeper Resume?

Updated on: June 30, 2022

Quantifying your efforts in the form of accomplishments is most important when writing a bookkeeper’s resume.

This is because most employers want to know what you have achieved while working in a previous role. And the best way to show your achievements is to correlate them with numbers.

However, many bookkeeper resumes do not hold this information as they should. For one, accomplishment statements are dry, and not all that interesting to read.

You can change that in your own resume though. Focus on what you delivered in an excellent way. See if you made any percentage changes in your work.

For a bookkeeper resume, you can show results in numbers in the following areas:

  1. Revenue generation
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Profit increase
  4. Number of resolved complaints
  5. Audit findings
  6. Increased savings
  7. Decreased discrepancies

Many other areas can be added to this list.

One of the main reasons that you may be considered for a bookkeeper position is a past quantifiable result. Anything that you did which helped the company in a positive manner is good enough to write.

There is a formula to show results in numbers when writing a bookkeeper resume.

Problem: identify an issue that has cropped up at work
Action: relate how you addressed the issue
Result: mention the outcome of the action that you took

As far as a bookkeeper’s resume is concerned, it is fairly easy to show results in numbers.

Since you will primarily be working with numbers, you can easily determine how much you have contributed in percentages, or in other forms.

Here are a few examples of bookkeeper accomplishments statements that show results in numbers:

  1. Implemented a unique ledger management system that increased efficiency by 60%.
  2. Introduced the verification of a transaction system, increasing verification authenticity by 80%.
  3. Devised a trial balance program, decreasing balancing time by 50%.
  4. Successfully completed all tax forms in one go, 10 days before the submission deadline.
  5. Saved the company’s $50,000 by efficiently handling suspended accounts.
  6. Singlehandedly managed a $700,000 budget with a cost reduction totaling 25% over 2 years.

If you notice, all these statements have numbers in them, which provide a clear picture to hiring managers.

Through this, the hiring managers can effectively determine what a bookkeeper achieved in the past, and how he or she may be able to replicate it in the future.

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