Medical Billing Specialist Cover Letter

Updated on: January 12, 2017

A medical billing specialist resume may be enough to provide a prospective employer with information on what you have done in the past – and what your accomplishments are. However, it is never enough to impress the employer into hiring you, or calling you in for an interview because it doesn’t “talk” to him. A cover letter does that. Through a cover letter, you can effectively articulate that your communication skills are great, and that you can hold a good conversation. Not only this, a cover letter serves to provide an umbrella in the event of the resume being not too acceptable to the prospective employer.

Generally, a medical billing specialist cover letter is depended on to gauge what a candidate is capable of, and how far he or she can take his or her capabilities. Both these things are judged by how you word your cover letter and the way it talks to the employer. You must always make sure that your cover letter tells a story that the employer wants to read. What will interest him? Anything that you say which makes him feel that you are the perfect candidate for the job that he has posted.

And here is a sample to help you:


Medical Billing Specialist Cover Letter Sample



586 Palm Ave, # 32
Dublin, OH 25020

January 12, 2017

Mr. Scott Hipwell
Hiring Manager
Aurora Medical Billing
232 5th Street
Dublin, OH 12365


Dear Mr. Hipwell:

The careers section on your websites states that you are looking for an innovative, experienced and analytic medical billing specialist. Fitting the bill perfectly, I would like to offer my experience and expertise as a Medical Billing Specialist.

Having worked extensively in medical billing and coding arena, I am positive that you will be impressed by what I have to offer:

• Demonstrated ability to prepare and submit clean claims to insurance companies on the panel, both electronically and in paper format.

• Highly experienced in quickly identifying and resolving patient billing complaints by delving into the core of the matter.

• Well-versed in reviewing accounts for possible assignment and making correlating recommendations to the billing supervisor.

• Track record of success performing collection activities, aimed at minimizing delinquent accounts.

Over the past 6 months, I have been involved in implementing a medical billing system that is considered cutting edge. If you would like to know more about me and my previous contributions, let’s meet in person. I will contact you next week to follow-up and possibly set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Polly Kettle
(000) 965-7414

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