Medical Billing Specialist Skills for Resume (12 Examples)

Updated on: June 23, 2022

No one can deny the fact that mention of skills in a medical billing resume makes the document profound and a good read.

While employers do want to know what your work experience has been, and how much you contributed to the company, they also want to see how you managed to do it all. And the answer is through the skills that you possess.

Believe it or not, your skills are what are going to get you the job and not your experience.

Experience can only be obtained through skills – and what you write in a resume regarding your skills, is what will be believed by the employer since he has no other choice.

You have the edge over the employer here. Whatever you write about the extent of your skills in a resume, the employer will take it at face value.

The only way he will know if the information you have provided is correct is when he sees you in action after you have been hired. And at that time, you can quickly show what you have concerning skills and qualifications.

A resume for medical billing specialist position that does not show off a separate skills section is not considered complete.

If you want your resume to be comprehensive, you have to include a skills section. 

Here are some examples:

Sample Skills for Medical Billing Specialist Resume

  1. Preparing claims both electronically and on paper and submitting them to insurance companies promptly.
  2. Validating medical claims data on forms and prepare them for submission to clearinghouses.
  3. Utilizing all available resources to track and gain the status of open insurance balances.
  4. Reviewing denied and unpaid claims and determining necessary action to ensure early resolution.
  5. Preparing and submitting appeals for denied or delayed claims according to established protocols.
  6. Identifying and communicating recurrent insurance carrier denials to supervisors.
  7. Resolving errors and making clam edits on submissions to ensure prompt claims payment.
  8. Identifying delinquent accounts and following up on them to expedite payments.
  9. Creating and maintaining patient demographics, insurance, and account balance information in predefined database systems.
  10. Compiling charge slips to ensure that billing clerks are using appropriate CPT and ICD.
  11. Working with EMR systems, with unique talents in MIE.
  12. Explaining insurance and billing processes to clients/patients as part of the company’s education program.