Audit Clerk Cover Letter

Updated on: March 21, 2018

Audit clerks perform the critical task of verifying and correcting data and records within a company.

They are expected to be well versed in the principles of accounting for them to be able to do this correctly, which is why audit clerks possess an accounting degree. They conduct audits of different systems and correct whatever needs correcting.

If you feel that you are well suited for this job, you will need a degree in accounting, a resume and a cover letter to help you get a job.

Below is a cover letter sample that is appropriate to use when applying for this job.



Audit Clerk Cover Letter Sample


261 Main Street
Anamosa, IA 88893

March 21, 2018

Mr. Graham Bell
Manager Human Resources
Coven Cove
378 Elm Street
Anamosa, IA 83922


Dear Mr. Bell:

My core competencies lie in my ability to pick out discrepancies following auditing in a manner that is both thorough and clear. I have been working as an Audit Clerk for Core Tech for five years and believe that I will be a positive addition to the audit team of Coven Cove.

Possessing an excellent eye for detail along with a unique understanding of the accounting principles, I am confident of my ability to effectively contribute to the mission of your company. I have much to add in terms of reconciling reports, looking for errors and managing discrepancies in a time-efficient manner. Understanding that certain skills help in being a success in this job, I have made a special effort to polish my skills in managing repetitive procedures, math skills and have learned most accounting software that is used in performing audit activities. In addition to this, I am familiar with the different and complex ways of keeping financial data confidential and employ all work activities in the strictest of confidence.

I am familiar with the work that your company does, therefore, able to incorporate my auditing methodologies with ease. I am confident it will worth meeting discuss my skills and your requirements in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I can be reached at (000) 333-6666.



Sean Henn

Enc. Resume