A cover letter is the most effective way of grabbing the recruiter’s attention towards your job application and setting you apart and from other applicants.

As a matter of fact, most employers, these days, explicitly require a cover letter, especially when you are sending a speculative application for the announced job vacancy.

Below is a sample cover letter of an Audit Associate which can be used by the prospective applicants to make the most of their job application.

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Audit Associate Cover Letter Sample


Walter Lewin
36 New South Street
Austin, TX 75935
(000) 3379-999

August 23, 2013

Mr. Mark Luther
Manager Recruitment
32 North Street
Windsor, CT 19585


Dear Mr. Luther:

I am writing in response to your recent advertisement in the Windsor republic for an Audit Associate position. Based on a thorough research on your job description, I found that I possess required qualifications in auditing and accounting qualifications to offer to your company.

As noted on the enclosed resume, following are my key attributes which make me an exceptional candidate for an Audit Associate position:

● Well-versed in carrying out audit planning and preparing audit programs to achieve objectives.
● Highly skilled in executing fieldwork for audits ensuring complete and accurate evaluation of key controls performed.
● Proficient in preparing audit paperwork in accordance with department protocols and requirements.
● Adept at creating backup reporting packages for stakeholders.
● Track record of executing the assigned tasks efficiently and within the deadlines.

My resume is enclosed for your review. I am eager to work with you as an Audit Associate to deliver the best of my potential for ING’s growth. To set up a meeting time, I will call your office after two weeks. I am also leaving my contact details so that you can call me anytime.

Thank you for your valuable time and kind consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Walter Lewin

Enc. Resume