Aircraft Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 18, 2022

Aircraft cleaners are expected to clean the inside and the outside of an airplane to make it ready for a flight. Once the passengers left the plane after landing, it is the responsibility of the aircraft cleaner to clean up the entire aircraft.

S/he will be expected to vacuum the aisles, clean windows, take out the trash and replenish supplies and perform other cleaning and maintenance duties.

Writing a cover letter for an aircraft cleaner’s position can involve lots of things.

Since this job does not rely on college degrees, one has to lean solely on skills and experiences.

As soon as we jot down what an aircraft cleaner does, we can write a good cover letter for the position.

Let us see how an aircraft cleaner will write a cover letter for this position by highlighting his skills in cleaning. Keep reading!

Aircraft Cleaner Cover Letter Example

Luke Fullerton
21 Cascade Road
Cascade, VA 793030
(000) 999-8888

December 18, 2022

Mr. Larry Brent
Manager HR
Mega Flights
78 Fordson Road
Cascade, VA 89003

Dear Mr. Brent:

Being right on target for the demands of the position of Aircraft Cleaner as specified on your website, I am interested in offering my expertise and skill set for this position. The many skills that are needed to provide absolute justice to this position I have them – and even more!

Over the years that I have worked in this capacity, I have been trained in several aspects of aircraft maintenance, and at this point in time, I can perform quality and preventative maintenance tasks as well, such as, installing equipment chocks and ensuring that the aircraft’s controls are locked as they should be.

I possess excellent knowledge of the materials and equipment that are used in aircraft cleaning, and I take pride in my ability to use them as the safety protocols of the airport dictate. With considerable attention to detail and being exceptionally goal-oriented, I ensure that my work is flawless and that there is no cause for complaint by either passengers or my superiors.

I have recently moved to Virginia, and I am between jobs right now so I can be available for an immediate interview. My resume highlights all the skills that you will need to know about to process my application. However, I am open to augmenting these facts by meeting you in person.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

(Sign here)
Luke Fullerton

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