Lot Attendant Resume Example and Writing Guide

Updated on: July 12, 2020

Have you just been told that the lot attendant resume that a prospective employer requires should be written exceptionally?

Are you afraid that your present resume will not be able to cut the competition?

Have no fear! Let us give you a few pointers and then help you with the format as well.

A single resume must never be sent to more than one employer. That is today, show your individuality by creating a different one for each position that you apply for. Secondly, make sure that you do not wander off the path of relevance.

Once you have these situations under control, you can move on to using the following resume sample to your advantage:

Sample Resume for Lot Attendant

James Gray
5830 Capital Street, Rapid City, SD 65850
(000) 523-2010 
jamgr @ email . com


Competent and well-organized lot attendant with 9-plus-year vast experience in regulating the flow of vehicles within large parking lots. Adept at providing valet services, focusing especially on high customer satisfaction and vehicle safety.

• Effectively determined entrance and exit point to ensure the unencumbered flow of traffic.
• Patrolled assigned parking areas to monitor cars to ascertain that only authorized people are allowed.
• Drove both manual and automatic transmission cars when performing valet duties.
• Efficiently performed porter duties by running vehicles for detailing services.

• Mechanical Inspection
• Cover Installation
• Vehicle Detailing
• Lot Stock Rotation
• Tagging and Labeling
• General Vehicle Repair
• Lot Organization

• Suggested introduction of valet services during sales shows, resulting in increased customer interest due to ease of parking.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on parked vehicles, increasing their “shelf life” by 80%.
• Led a protection drive to embalm all 85 vehicles’ screens parked in lots with protecting chemical layering, within the provided deadline.
• Increased security of the lot by suggesting the installation of CCTV cameras at each corner.


Lot Attendant 
Fred Beans Automotive, Rapid City, SD
12/2012 – Present
• Take stock of all vehicles in the lot and ensure that their numbers are properly logged.
• Rotate vehicles within the lot between open and closed spaces for maximum visibility.
• Deliver vehicles for detailing purposes and ensure that they are picked up in a timely manner.
• Recognize general repair and maintenance needs and ensure that they are timely met.

Parking Lot Attendant
ABS International, Rapid City, SD
9/2009 – 12/2012
• Provided valet services for company cars or for customers who were attending car shows and fairs.
• Prepared sold vehicles for delivery by ensuring that they were properly cleaned and maintained.
• Set up and removed displays for events such as car shows and fairs.
• Installed disposable covers, chemical shields, and floor mats in vehicle interiors.

The Automotive City, Rapid City, SD
6/2006 – 9/2009
• Removed debris and trash from parking lots and ensured that they were properly disposed of.
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining parked vehicles and providing support in tagging and labeling them.
• Set up displays for events such as car shows and assisted in taking them off at the end of each event.
• Cleaned office spaces and waiting areas by performing sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming duties.
• Assisted lot attendants in determining parking spaces and providing them with support in moving vehicles as instructed.

Current SD Driver’s License

Rapid City High School, Rapid City, SD – 2005

• Parking Software
• MS Office Applications