Apprenticeship Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: October 25, 2021

It is a day of great pride when you realize that an individual who has studied under your mentorship is now ready to tackle the real employment world.

At this stage, you may be asked to write a recommendation letter for him or her so that he or she can apply for an apprenticeship or internship program.

If you are sure that you can provide a recommendation to an individual, you may go ahead and do so.

But how would you be sure?

Firstly, ask yourself if the person asking for a recommendation is worth it.

Secondly, make sure that you are in a position where you can provide a recommendation.

When both these situations are on par with each other, it is time to get down to writing a positive recommendation!

What exactly goes into a recommendation letter? Each letter of recommendation is different because each circumstance that it is written in is different.

A letter of this type is usually quite positive in tone as it needs to define an individual’s personality and work prowess so that he can fit into an organization.

Where apprenticeships are concerned, a recommendation letter will go a long way in charting out why an individual will be a great learner and eventually, a positive contributor to a team of professionals.

Here is a sample apprenticeship recommendation letter for you to refer to:

Apprenticeship Recommendation Letter Sample

October 25, 2021

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is a strong recommendation for Terry Evans for a carpenter apprenticeship. Terry has attended shop class at Peruvian High School diligently over the last 4 years. As he graduates from high school now, I cannot help but feel that we have lost a valuable member of the shop class.

It was an absolute pleasure to teach carpentry to Terry who is not only an avid learner but also helped me teach other students, as his concepts are quite deeply rooted.

Since the day Terry joined my class, he has shown initiative and creativity that is so often missing in these days of technologically dependent individuals. He managed to grasp basic carpentry concepts in half the time that it took other students, and can now easily read and follow blueprints, measure, cut and shape wood, plastic and fiberglass and construct frameworks. Last year, he won the Shop Competition organized by the Washington Artistic Society, putting our school on the map!

I truly believe in Terry’s outstanding abilities in carpentry work and strongly recommend him for an apprenticeship at your company. If you require additional information, please feel free to contact me at (000) 777-2123.


Rupert Adams
Shop Class Instructor
Perucian High School
50 E Valley Road
Seattle, WA 12388