Pest Control Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated: May 24, 2018

One of the most challenging things to do when applying for a Pest Control Technician job is writing the cover letter. Even the resume isn’t as much!

The reason is perhaps the fact that a candidate wants to impress a hiring manager through his or her communication skills when writing a cover letter.

And this is not possible if your communication skills aren’t as amazing as a hiring manager would want them to be.

Why are we concentrating on communication skills here?

A cover letter is all about how well you can communicate your abilities and skills to a hiring manager.

If you are successful in this part, you are most likely successful in gaining the hiring manager’s favor as well. Where does one start?

One begins by determining what one’s strengths are, as they relate to the work that one will be expected to do, and then writes a cover letter, based on the following sample:


Pest Control Technician Cover Letter Example



May 24, 2018

Mr. Kevin Thompson
Human Resource Manager
Joey’s Pest Control Services
66 Terry Road NE
Rapid City, SD 15523


Dear Mr. Thompson:

Pest control is often complicated and challenging, and as someone who does not shy away from either complications or challenges, I am sure that Joey’s Pest Control Services will be fortunate to hire me. To determine my experience in the role of a pest control technician, I invite you to review the enclosed resume.

I have worked as a pest control technician for over three years now, and my expertise is highly polished in this area. Inspecting buildings and grounds for signs of pests or infestations, and determining the type of treatments required for each specific situation, is one of my strong points. Since I am a professional at spraying, fogging, baiting, and trapping pests of different types, I have often been called upon to provide my services in situations that require immediate pest control solutions.

While performing my work, I always keep the safety and well-being of people a priority, allowing me to become a favorite at my present place of work. Operating pest control equipment such as bait guns, and power foggers is another area where my strength is most profound.

Hoping to provide the benefit of all that I have learned in the capacity of a pest control technician, to your facility, I will contact your office next week to set up a meeting time. Thank you for your time and consideration.




John Stamos

(000) 666-6666