Club Lounge Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 31, 2023

In order to write a great resume for the club lounge attendant job, you have to make sure that you highlight your competencies and experiences in a logical format on a single page.

The following sample will help you in this regard.

Sample Resume for Club Lounge Attendant Position

Liam Moore
Delray, WV
(000) 142-7454
liammoore @email .com


• Extremely energetic and industrious individual with a pleasant personality and an inherent will to help others.
• Exceptionally well-versed in providing above-par customer services to guests in a VIP lounge setting.
• Talented in preparing buffet areas by ensuring that all necessary food and beverage items are presented in an appealing manner.
• Highly skilled in replenishing food, beverage, and condiments in VIP lounges at regular intervals to prevent food disruption.
• Competent in approaching all encounters with hotel guests and coworkers in a friendly and service-oriented manner.
• Qualified to coordinate special events and projects in an efficient and timely manner.

• VIP Service Orientation
• Food and Beverage
• Liquor Regulations
• Stock Replenishment
• Needs Response
• Food Handling Laws
• Food Storage Solutions


Club Lounge Attendant
The Hyatt, Delray, WV
8/2017 – Present
Key Achievements
• Received Employee of the Year Award for providing exceptional guest services throughout the year 2021.
• Introduced the concept of “the extra mile service” and trained 12 other club lounge attendants in working along this concept.
Key Responsibilities
• Greet guests and escort them to the VIP lounge after verifying their access permissions.
• Seat guests and provide them with menus for food and beverage items.
• Take orders for food and beverages and ensure that all orders are expedited.
• Serve orders and refill glasses with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
• Deliver condiments to VIP guests and ensure that condiments stations are restocked.

Lounge Attendant
Marriott, Delray, WV
4/2008 – 8/2017
Key Achievements
• Reorganized the condiments inventory system, thereby streamlining the process so that low supplies were never an issue.
• Implemented a series of rules and regulations pertaining to liquor consumption, resulting in fewer untoward incidents involving VIP guests.
Key Responsibilities
• Coordinated special events and projects by ensuring that food service is properly managed.
• Assisted guests with problems with hotel services and escalate any chronic issues to the management.
• Responded to inquiries with accurate information pertaining to hotel services and features.

The Grand Hotel, Delray, WV
3/2007 – 4/2008
Key Responsibilities
• Presented menus and provided suggestions according to the specific tastes of each patron
• Suggested beverages to go with main courses while ensuring that patrons’ orders were delivered to them on time
• Cleaned tables as soon as guests left and ensured that they were bussed immediately
• Ascertained that the restaurant area was kept clean and sanitized by enlisting the help of janitorial staff

High School Diploma
Delray High School, Delray, WV