VIP Lounge Representative Job Description

Updated on July 7, 2017

Position Overview

A VIP lounge representative may be hired at airports, resorts or high-end hotels, they are required to provide customers with the best of services that the company can offer. This may include welcoming them as they enter the doorway, assisting them in finding comfortable seats, providing them with information on available facilities, and ensuring that they are assisted in all areas including reservations and tours.

Skills and Educational Requirements

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is enough to be considered eligible to work as a VIP lounge representative. Of course, if you have some experience of working in the hospitality industry in any capacity, you may be considered a good choice to hire. Usually, training is provided on the job, and you do not have to worry about knowing everything about the work. However, it is important to possess some skills such as communication abilities, insight into handling problematic situations, and deep knowledge of the specific facility where you intend to work. In addition to this, it is important for you to project a consistently professional attitude, and be able to handle adversity well.

Since working as a VIP lounge representative means that you are responsible for repeat business opportunities, it is imperative that you provide the best possible customer services, which align well with the mission of the company that you represent. Here is a list of duties that a person working at this position will be expected to perform:

VIP Lounge Representative Duties and Responsibilities


• Greet patrons / customers as they arrive at the lounge and inquire into their credentials

• Assist patrons in locating the best seating arrangements according to their choice, or lead them to assigned sitting areas

• Provide information regarding dining options, shows and spa services that they can avail within the facility

• Assist patrons with night club reservations and table bookings at facilities within the hotel

• Coordinate efforts with the wait staff to ensure their availability for patrons at all times

• Oversee the stocking of lounge amenities, ensuring that any low stock situation is immediately handled

• Provide patrons with tours of clubs, casinos and penthouses that they may be interested in renting

• Suggest activities for patrons’ entertainment, such as arcades, shopping and spa services

• Resolve patrons’ complaints by delving deep into issues, and ensuring that they are given top priority

• Create and maintain accurate records of patron interaction, according to the specifics provided by the facility management

• Compile feedback received from patrons, and communicate findings to the management on a regular basis