15 Room Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 25, 2023

Any room attendant interview enables an employer to ask questions regarding the job seeker’s skills and background.

That being said, the employer needs to know what the candidate was up to before he applied for this job and why he would want a room attendant job.

The following are some examples of interview questions an employer might ask when interviewing a room attendant. In addition, there are good answers to each question.

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15 Common Questions and Answers for Room Attendant Interview 

1. What made you apply as a Room Attendant at Hyatt?

I have been looking for a position at Hyatt for a long time as I know the reputation of the hotel. I wished to work in an environment that was conducive to challenges and growth. Also, working for an organization that is committed to customer services as Hyatt has been my dream for a long time.

2. How do you make sure that you stay informed in your area of duty?

I have a habit of making lists and ticking off what has been done. If I know that I have performed a particular task, like making a bed or replacing toiletries, I know just how much time later I need to do it again.

3. What are your career goals?

I would like to improve my education in the hospitality field within a few years from now. Eventually, I would like to see myself as a guest relations officer as I want to make a career in the hospitality business.

4. What do you think are the critical tasks of a room attendant?

While there are many tasks that a room attendant is required to perform, the most basic ones are cleaning guest rooms, making and turning beds, reporting maintenance issues, restocking supplies, and implementing sanitizing procedures.

5. Do you think you can be an asset to Hyatt? If yes how?

Yes! I have been trained in customer services and have had considerable experience working as a room attendant. When your focus is on providing nothing but excellent guest services even at the cost of your time and comfort, you cannot help but be an asset to the organization you are working for!

6. Describe what customer service means to you.

I strive to ensure customer satisfaction. I believe that a satisfied customer is a return one. My main concern is to ensure the delivery of exceptional service quality so that customers do not have to think twice when deciding which place to stay the next time.

7. What is your experience in using cleaning materials and equipment?

Since I have been working as a room attendant for 5 years, I have had the opportunity to use a wide variety of cleaning products and machines. These include industrial-sized vacuums, dryers, automatic mops, sanitizing liquids, and standard brooms and brushes.

8. How do you ensure safety as far as mixing and using cleaning agents is concerned?

I am great at following instructions. I make sure that the right amount of water, detergent, and sanitizing chemicals are used, as charted out in the instruction booklet. I put on protective gear when I use these chemicals. And once I am done, I make sure that proper warning boards are erected in areas that I have worked on.

9. What would you do if a guest whose room you are tending to left an illegal substance behind? Would you ignore it or report it?

I would definitely report it. Even though it is not the right thing to go snooping around, if I find something questionable, I would have no choice but to let my supervisor know.

10. But don’t you think that it is a breach of guest privacy?

The way I look at it, if the guest wanted it to be private, he or she would have put it away. And since I am loyal to the place that I work for primarily, I wouldn’t want to put my workplace in a spot by not reporting something nefarious that I see.

11. How do you feel about working in a position where you might not receive a lot of supervision?

I work best when I am provided with instructions and then left to do my work. Supervision is important, but then so is autonomy.

12. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your mettle as a housekeeping professional was truly tested?

As a matter of fact, yes. About 2 years ago, the hotel where I am presently working was presented with a problem. We had to prepare an entire wing consisting of 72 rooms in one day. There were just 6 room attendants who were commissioned for this job. With our hard work and no breaks, we managed to meet the deadline. I believe that my work proficiencies were truly tested during this time.

13. What do you find most difficult while working as a room attendant?

I wouldn’t call working as a room attendant difficult. The work is pretty straightforward. Of course, challenges do come about now and then, which actually makes the work a lot more interesting.

14. Which part of working as a room attendant do you enjoy the most?

I love my work as a whole. But meeting new people (guests) on a daily basis is definitely quite an interesting thing.

15. where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am working hard to become a room service supervisor in 5 years.

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