Car Wash Resume No Experience

Updated: May 2, 2019

It may seem easy to work as a car wash worker or attendant, but in actuality, it is a lot of hard work.

In fact, a car wash attendant has to be physically fit in order to work properly.


When you write a resume to apply for a car wash position, you must make sure that you focus on your skills. This is especially true if you do not have prior experience.

At the time of writing your resume for a car wash attendant position, make sure that you pick a good format. One that is easy to navigate is important to choose.

As important is to ensure that the right information is placed into it, in the right manner. Specifically, your skills and competencies in a car wash attendant position must be highlighted.



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Refer to the following resume sample for a car wash attendant position:


Car Wash Resume No Experience


Enid Blank
58 Twin Roads, Wooster, OH 48294
(000) 999-9999


Resourceful, talented, and hardworking individual, with exceptional skills in washing and detailing vehicles such as cars, vans, and trucks. Deeply familiar with determining clients’ specific requirements, and ensuring delivery of exceptional services.


Interior Cleaning
Washing and Drying

Trash Disposal
Equipment Use
Supplies Management

Compound Application

High School Diploma
Wooster High School, Wooster, OH – 2018


  • Led the school swimming club as a captain for 3 years.
  • Represented the school at the Annual Academic Genius Competition, held in Kent, OH in 2017


Clean Vehicles Inc., Wooster, ID | 1/2019 – 3/2019
• Washed vehicles such as cars and vans using soap and other car cleaners.
• Dried vehicles post washing them.
• Dusted cars before performing cleaning tasks.
• Ensured that windows were properly washed and wiped.
• Vacuumed cars from the inside and washed carpets.
• Polished interior and as well interior of assigned vehicles.
• Installed fresheners into car vents.
• Serviced air and air conditioner filters.
• Cleaned engines using the right supplies and equipment.

• Awarded 1st prize in an interschool mathematics competition, in 2017.
• Honored for representing the school in 3 citywide competitions.

English, Spanish, and German

• Headed a team of volunteers providing services at 3 local churches.
• Led a cleaning campaign under the umbrella of CLEAN USA.

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