Car Wash Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 1, 2023

With the advent of self-serve and automated car wash services, the importance of car wash attendants went down

But in recent years, car owners are beginning to understand and appreciate the need for specialized services.

Car wash attendants perform a number of duties including washing and polishing vehicles in addition to some clerical tasks.

Let us have a look at some skills and qualifications that a car wash attendant will need to write an effective cover letter for a resume.

Sample Cover Letter for Car Wash Attendant Position

Charlie Hopper
8822 Clinton Avenue E
Huntsville, AL 92020
(333) 333-3333
charlie @ email . com

June 1, 2023

Mr. Solomon Mine
Joey’s Car Wash Services
23 N Herring Road
Huntsville, AL 88373

Dear Mr. Mine:

Your advertisement for a Car Wash Attendant at Joey’s Car Wash Service caught my eye immediately, and I would like to offer my services for this position.

As noted on my resume, I am highly skilled in cleaning cars and small trucks as they enter the car wash. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to vacuum, sweep, mop, and empty trash containers. Also, I am comfortable using most tools and equipment that are necessary to perform this job excellently and possess some knowledge of car waxes and interior polishing. Additionally, I have an eye for detail which is very important when attempting to satisfy a customer as I try never to leave a spot dirty or un-serviced.

Besides washing cars, I would also bring a keen ability to perform minor repairs and touch-ups of vehicles. Over and above, I am well versed in using computers, POS, and transaction devices which would ensure the smooth functioning of your office.

The enclosed resume contains further details about my skills and capabilities. I am enthusiastic to join your company as soon as possible and look forward to a positive reply from you. If you need to contact me for an interview, please call me at (333) 333-3333 at any time during the day.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Charlie Hopper

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