5 Bus Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 5, 2021

In order to succeed in a bus attendant interview, make sure that you prepare well for the interview day.

This can be done by conducting research and preparing for possible questions that you may be asked.

Here is a set of possible interview questions and answers for a bus attendant position.

Bus Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

1. How do you handle the immense responsibility that comes with working as a bus attendant?

It is true that working as a bus attendant is a huge responsibility. However, I am an experienced individual who has had extensive exposure to this work and its demands and can now easily handle them without any significant problems surfacing.

2. What specific skills do you think a bus attendant needs to possess if he wants to work at this role?

I believe that the ability to get along with children is foremost. Also, one needs to be patient and kind and still portray an authoritative presence in front of students. Additionally, it is important for bus attendants to be able to handle emergency situations, both accidents and medical problems, in a quick and efficient manner.

3. Have you ever been part of an onboard medical emergency? What happened?

Yes. A 7-year-old child accidentally swallowed a coin and was choking on it when my attention was brought to it. I immediately took steps to dislodge it from his throat and saved his life.

4. Tell us about a situation that you found yourself in, that reinforced your confidence in yourself.

A school trip to a far-off location nearly turned into a horror when the bus driver dozed off on the wheel. Since I was a bit iffy about the driver that morning, as he looked a bit dazed, I had kept a watch on him. As soon as he dozed off, I shook him to wake him up and asked him to stop. I took over the driving from thereon. This incident made me have a lot more confidence in my gut feeling than I ever had before!

5. How do you feel about spending a major part of the day with children?

Spending time with children is awesome! They are such insightful individuals and actually teach us adults a lot. I love working in a position where I can spend most of my time amongst enthusiastic and bubbly individuals.

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