Bus Attendant Skills List

Updated on: July 30, 2016

A hiring manager picks up your resume and scans it with his eagle eyes. He is looking for something in particular and it is not the experience section on your resume. What is it? The skills section! Why is he looking for it particularly? Because it is the skills section that will matter to him the most!

So presenting your resume with a dedicated skills list in it is of great importance. How does one begin? One does a thorough self-analysis and decides which skills are relevant to the position that one has applied for. Look at past experiences. Chart out what you did best during a previous or current job, and figure out how you did it. Put the how part into the skills section.

Easy isn’t it? It is. If you begin on the right foot, you will end on the right one too. Skills are important not just in resumes but also in cover letters. As far as the latter is concerned, skills are the essence of the content that you write in a cover letter. What is the verdict? The verdict is that you cannot do without skills – whether it is the resume, the cover letter or speaking generally.

So let’s now see how skills can be articulated in a bus attendant cover letter or a resume:

Bus Attendant Skills List

• Hands-on experience in assisting students embark and disembark school buses by enduring their safety and wellbeing
• Highly skilled in monitoring students with special needs to ensure that they are not distressed and are safe from bullying
• Deeply familiar with monitoring students to ensure that they do not cause disruption to the driver
• Effectively able to report observations and incidents for the purpose of communication information to school district office personnel
• Proficient in instructing students to ensure that they are aware of appropriate behavior and onboard safety regulations
• Adept at ensuring that emergencies are handled appropriately, focusing the students’ safety primarily
• Able to effectively assist bus drivers in charting out appropriate routes to and from school, in accordance to provided regulations
• Qualified to maintain attendance and ridership records and learn established bus routes
• Competent at working with bus drivers to ensure a positive environment during transport and assure that student safety is foremost
• Proven record of effectively inspecting buses before and after student embark and disembark to ensure safety of the vehicle