Registered Client Service Associate Job Description

Updated on: March 27, 2021

Registered client service associates are trained individuals who work in the service arena, particularly banks or investment companies.

They are usually the first point of contact with the company’s clients and are responsible for providing both product information and support throughout a service procedure.

Additionally, they need to perform a number of tasks such as identifying market share growth prospects, monitoring clients’ portfolios, and assisting in developing new business opportunities.

On a regular workday, they take telephone calls and assist clients with handling their collections and provide the market information that will help them in managing their portfolios effectively.

Since research is a vital part of a registered client service associate’s work, s/he is often involved in intense research activities aimed to bring about market trend information and assist various departments in handling their marketing, communications, and sales activities.

On a broader scale, a registered client service associate performs some or all of the following duties:

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Registered Client Service Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Meet clients to determine their service needs

• Provide clients with information on the company’s products and services and how they can achieve their goals through effective use of services

• Assist in marketing products and services to clients and provide detailed product education to them using presentations

• Provide support to clients by helping them in making an important decision regarding their orders

• Take orders from clients and input orders in predefined data manipulation systems

• Monitor clients’ portfolios to ensure that all activity within is in sync with specified requests

• Ensure that clients’ operations are in harmony with the company’s terms and conditions

• Walk clients through the process of opening accounts

• Maintain management systems with clients’ information by ensuring all data is up to date

• Perform research activities to determine competition’s standing in the market

• Provide feedback to the management about market trends and take measures to meet those trends

• Handle communication with clients through verbal conversations, email, and letters

• Conduct post-service reviews to gauge the need for improved client services

• Take and resolve clients’ complaints about portfolio handling

• Ensure that all clients’ reports are created, generated, and reviewed with precision

• Make sure that all clients are provided with periodic reports of activities in their accounts

• Ensure that any discrepancies in clients’ accounts are addressed immediately

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