Home Depot Hardware Associate Job Description

Updated on: March 20, 2019

Working as a hardware associate at Home Depot is full of challenges.

Since the company has an excellent reputation for providing the best in home improvement products and services, you have to be unique in order to be eligible for this position.


Home Depot Hardware Primary Responsibilities

As a hardware associate at Home Depot, your primary work will be sales.

Greeting customers and ensuring that they have a fruitful shopping experience will be your responsibility.

Also, your work will involve convincing customers to buy tools and hardware that best suit their needs.

Home Depot Hardware Associate Qualifications

Education requirements to work as a Home Depot hardware associate is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least.

If you have a degree in sales, it will be considered a plus point.

Working at this position will require you to know about each tool and equipment that Home Depot sells so that you can pitch sales properly.

Apart from customer liaison, there are other duties that you will be expected to perform. 

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Home Depot Hardware Associate Job Description

• Welcome customers when they arrive at the store.

• Inquire into customers’ specific buying needs.

• Provide suggestions for home improvement tools and items.

• Lead customers to the correct aisle where their choice of product is displayed.

• Provide information regarding the features and benefits of products.

• Demonstrate product features.

• Explain complex product functions to customers.

• Provide information such as maintenance and aftersales services.

• Lead customers through the buying process.

• Process credit card and cash transactions and tender receipts.

• Pack customers’ purchases, and ensure that they are delivered to provided addresses.

• Stock items on shelves, and inform supervisors of low stock situations.

• Ensure the cleanliness and neatness of assigned store areas.

• Document sales records by creating and updating customers’ records.

• Handle complaints regarding sold tools and equipment according to company policy.

• Address questions and queries regarding tools and equipment sold to customers, or those that they may be interested in.

• Balance cash registers at the end of the shift, by reconciling purchases.

• Attach or affix price tags to items.

• Provide customers with information on special deals and offers.

• Show customers how to use the items that they have appropriately bought.

• Ensure loss prevention through constant vigilance during open hours.

• Assist marketing and sales teams in performing visual merchandising tasks.

• Ensure the overall cleanliness and maintenance of assigned areas and products within the store.

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