Resigning From a Volunteer Position

Updated on: April 3, 2019

Gracefully resigning from a volunteer position is a difficult task.

Volunteering your time for a cause is a great commitment. But there may be times when you need to back out because of a personal issue.


In such a case, you have to write a resignation letter which is well-worded.

How to resign from a volunteer job?

When resigning from a volunteer position, think why you have to leave.

Look for the right words to write your letter.

Break it to the organization with as soft a blow as possible.

Remember that when you volunteer your services, a lot of people and processes begin to depend on you. And you have to move out gracefully, and without harming the system.



This is not always possible unless you provide an alternative. And providing an alternative is not always possible either. But if you need to move out, you have no choice but to nicely and cleanly make an exit.


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The following resignation letter (from a volunteer position) will help you with this predicament:



Resigning From a Volunteer Position


Dear Mr. Doe:

Please consider this letter as formal resignation from my position as a volunteer. March 30, 2019, will be my last working day.

The last 3 months that I have spent volunteering my services and time to SOS Children’s Village has been the most meaningful time of my life. I had always aspired to contribute to a cause that truly mattered to me, and you gave me a wonderful opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, I need to move out of this position. 

I have enjoyed working with all the children at the SOS Children’s Village. The amount of love that I received from them is unmatched. And the feeling of absolute satisfaction is not something that any other work can give to me.

However, I need to restart my degree in philanthropy, which will leave me little or no time to spend at the facility. While it makes me quite sad, it also gives me hope that once I have a degree in my hand, I will be able to help these children more – and many like them. In order to do that, I have to dedicate all my time to my education at this point in time.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I will remain in touch.




Gregory Milestone

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