Home Depot Cashier Job Description

Updated on: June 3, 2017

The Home Depot is a home improvement supplies retailing company based in Atlanta, GA. The company employs a large number of employees on all levels, cashiers being one of them. Cashiers employed by The Home Depot are required to handle the simple and sometimes complex cash management activities to ensure delivery of exceptional services to end customers.

Skills & Qualifications

Working as a cashier at The Home Depot means that you will need to possess a high school diploma at the very least. If you a have a GED, that should suffice as well. As a cashier, you will need to possess a few more qualities that will make you a good candidate to hire. Firstly, your calculation abilities must be excellent. Deep knowledge of using and balancing standard and complex POS systems is an absolute must. Since you will be working for The Home Depot, there is a great chance that you will be trained on the POS system that the company uses particularly. It will help if you are open to new ideas and learn new things quickly.

As a cashier at The Home Depot, you might be rotated at different levels so that you can understand the retail end of the work and the correlating customer service provision metrics easily. Some of the duties that you will be expected to perform include:

Home Depot Cashier Job Description

• Greet customers as they arrive at the counter with their purchases and provide them with information on prices

• Accept both cash and credit cards and process payments according to standard operating procedures

• Tender change and receipts to customers and ensure that they check both before they leave the counter

• Operate POS system to manage cash and credit transactions and ensure that any operating problems are handled or communicated to the supervisor

• Assess customers’ requirements for loading assistance and ensure that they are fulfilled by calling in extra hands

• Actively monitor assigned self-checkout systems and provide assistance and intervention where required

• Balance the cash register at the end of each shift, ensuring that any discrepancies are resolved before the end of the shift

• Provide customers with information according to their requirements and ensure that they are directed or led to their choice of product

• Assist customers in choosing the right product by explaining and demonstrating features of selected items

• Inform customers of discounts or deals offered on products or product lines in a bid to encourage them to make purchases