Undergraduate Research Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 23, 2018

Is it that time again, when you have to appear for an interview?

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And let us help you out by providing you with a set of interview questions and answers for an undergraduate research assistant position:


Undergraduate Research Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

What makes you believe that working as a research assistant is your true calling?
At this point in time, I believe that working as a research assistant is my true calling, because I have worked hard to train myself in this work. My interest in research work is immense, and I would like to prove to be contributory, if provided with an opportunity.

What work have you performed in the role of a research assistant previously?
During a short stint as a research assistant in a university capacity, I have been responsible for gathering required data, using a wide variety of data obtaining tools, synthesizing information, providing feedback on acquired data, and preparing data for projects, using appropriate software.

What skills do you think one needs in order to work as a research assistant?
To be successful in working as a research assistant, it is important to be an analytic individual. Apart from this, ability to learn new research techniques, and work with existing ones is imperative, as is the capability to adjust to new work related requirements, as and when they arise. Moreover, it is important for research assistants to possess strong communication skills, and well-developed research abilities.

By far, what has been your most difficult research project?
I would not call it difficult, but there was a time when I was asked to collect information from a source that did not exist. Since the data that I was asked to collect was highly sensitive, the resources were hidden quite well, making it challenging for me to gain access to them. However, I pulled a few strings, and managed to obtain as much as I needed to work with.

What does data integrity mean to you?
Data integrity means the world to me. Without it, any piece of information collected is completely useless.

How do you ensure data integrity?
Since data integrity means so much to me, I always take measures to ensure that it is ensured. This means that any information that I work with is taken care of with great responsibility, ensuring that it is used only for one purpose.