Special Education Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: October 16, 2022

It is a challenging thing to do to write a cover letter for a special education assistant position when you have little or no experience in hand. However, it is not an impossible thing to do.

In your entry-level Special Education Assistant (No Experience) cover letter, you have to focus on your training and knowledge of providing special education to student groups, and individual students as well.

The good thing about cover letters is that they are never about the experience.

In fact, a hiring manager will look at a cover letter only to obtain information about skills and abilities.

As a special education assistant, your focus must be on your knowledge of assisting in the development of lesson plans, and monitoring student progress.

Since you will be working with students whose needs are a little more than when you work in another capacity, you have to show that you are capable of handling it.

Here is a cover letter sample for an entry level special education assistant position for you to look at:

Entry Level Special Education Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Catherine Burner
(000) 673-8900
[email protected]

October 16, 2022

Mr. Ernest Bing
Rainbow School for Special Children
97 Teal Road
Frankfort, KY 52231

Dear Mr. Bing:

While going through your website’s career section, I came across the open position of special education assistant. As my skills and knowledge align perfectly with your job description, I consider myself the best contender for this role.

I am an upbeat individual who is reliable, punctual, well-spoken and takes direction. I have recently obtained a degree in special education from the University of Gravite and have done a short internship. Through my education and internship, I learned the ropes of the work, and can honestly say that I am ready to help kids overcome their learning disabilities, stress, and test anxiety.

I am well-versed in many areas associated with special education, including:

  • Assisting students with personal and medical care in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Helping in the administration of medication, feeding, dressing, toileting, hygiene, lifting and positioning, and assisting with mobility.
  • Assisting students during classroom activities, recess, lunch, and field trips.
  • Helping the lead teacher in the planning, development, and implementation of the students’ Individual Education Plans (I.E.P).
  • Providing direct intervention in accordance with the student’s IEP and Safety Plan.
  • Managing the behavioral and immediate safety needs of the students.
  • Supporting students in community integration and work placements.

Owing to my passion to help others, I can make sure that all students are provided with exceptional care, aiming for their physical and emotional well-being. 

It would be a pleasure to discuss this position with you further. Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Special Education Assistant position at Rainbow School for Special Children.


Catherine Burner

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