Residence Hall Assistant Resume Sample

Updated December 5, 2016


Posting a profile online is easy. Placing it in a resume isn’t.

The constraints are many. There is a lot of space to fill. And you do not have the option of going back and changing the information.

You have to do it right the first time around.

Consider going through the following resume sample before you create your own:



Residence Hall Assistant Resume Sample


Peter Parker

12 N Walnut Street | Wilmington, DE 55625 | (000) 999-9999 | petpar @email .com


Summary: Dedicated Residence Hall Assistant with over 4 years experience in enforcing residence hall rules and regulations to ensure harmony. Skilled in creating programs and activities to meet the needs of residents on each floor, facilitating the social, academic and personal adjustment of students to the residence hall, and resolving facility issues on immediate basis. Highly approachable and solution-oriented individual who effectively develops develops a sense of community amongst residents.


– Community Development – Resource and Education – Facility Maintenance
– Emergency Response – Safety Management – Customer Service
– Induction Processes – Student Empowerment – Conflict Management
– Peer Counseling – Academic Advising – Connections Facilitation

• Developed and implemented a series of student induction programs which decreased the time it took for new students to settle in
• Successfully responded to and diffused a particularly explosive situation between students by employing exceptional intervention skills
• Singlehandedly created and implemented a student support program that dynamically anticipated individual students’ needs and suggested appropriate actions to meet those needs
• Introduced the concepts of quiet hours, which facilitated residence hall harmony and peace


Residence Hall Assistant
Delaware State University, Wilmington, DE | 5/2013 – Present

• Develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with all new and existing residents
• Provide induction services to new residents to make them comfortable with their new surroundings
• Show interest in residents’ personal activities and assist them in integrating with the community
• Respond to personal and community crises and emergencies by following set standards for crises management and intervention
• Empower residents to resolve and mediate problems amongst themselves and to exist in harmony
• Utilize and educational approach to address students’ concerns by providing them with information on policies and regulations
• Conduct building rounds to build positive relationships with residents and confront any policy infractions
• Ascertain that safety and wellbeing of each resident by ensuring that all safety measures are in place

Resident Hall Volunteer
The Bale Business College, Wilmington, DE | 2/2012 – 5/2013

• Opened and closed resident hall gates / doors according to specified timings
• Assisted in developing an atmosphere in which residents have concern and respect for the rights of others
• Provided support in mediating conflicts between residents and with facility members
• Ascertained that all policy violations were properly and immediately addressed
• Created and maintained liaison with housekeeping and maintenance staff to ensure that the premises remains clean at all times

Wilmington High School, Wilmington, DE – 2011
High School Diploma