Top 6 Research Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 25, 2021

Do you know why research assistant resumes without objectives are not that successful?

Because they do not give the reader much to hold on to.

As an employer begins reading a resume, too much information overload can be a great put-off.

So beginning your resume directly with information such as your education or experience is a complete turnoff.

A Research Assistant resume objective provides a cushion – an introductory paragraph that:

  1. Says hello to employer
  2. Provides a hint on what the resume holds
  3. Outlines experience and skills

These three things prepare readers for the many sections that follow. After reading many resumes, recruiters are hardly inclined to read more.

But a good resume objective can make this easier on the tired eyes of a prospective employer.

Think of the objective statement as an adornment that you have to put on top of your resume – without it, your resume will look pale.

If you look at the general format of a resume, you will see that objectives and career summaries give resumes a great look. And employers just love this equilibrium!

But resume objectives cannot be written just because you have to write one.

They hold a purpose and that is to reach out to the person reading it. So resume objectives have to be informative.

To see what exactly a resume objective should look like, have a look at the following examples for a research assistant position:

6 Sample Objectives for Research Assistant Resume 

1. Looking for a position as a Research Assistant at Northwestern University. Bringing exceptional knowledge of conducting literature reviews, collecting and analyzing data, and handling project budgets.

2. Seeking a Research Assistant position with Columbia University. Employing a track record in campaign planning, keyword research and curation, and budget management to optimize analytics.

3. Strong desire to obtain a Research Assistant position at Dartmouth College. Offers deep know-how of performance analysis on key metrics including impression share, quality score, and CPA.

4. To work as a Research Assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Enthusiastic to use excellent knowledge of Google Analytics to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns. Deep understanding of conducting literature reviews and data collection activities.

5. To obtain a position as a Research Assistant at Ripen eCommerce. Eager to use my ability to gather, record, organize, transcribe and verify the accuracy of data, along with a deep insight into setting up research database files.

6. Seeking a position as a Research Assistant at the University of Washington Medical Center. Poised to bring knowledge of working in a medical environment in sync with human subjects training, 

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