Resume for Hotel Job with No Experience

Updated on: February 27, 2022

A resume is a key document to apply for entry-level hotel jobs.

Before writing your resume, you will need to gather your relevant skills and knowledge.

Here is how you can write a resume for a hotel job even if you do not have experience:

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Sample Resume for Hotel Job with No Experience

Siam Oliver
6 Cooper Avenue, West Jordon, UT 29302
(000) 951-8547
soliver @ email . com

Guest Relation Officer

Highly enthusiastic individual with a deep interest in the hospitality industry. Passionate about delivering exceptional customer service to the guests of ABC Hotel. Great ability to get along well with people for diverse backgrounds.

• In-depth knowledge of planning and coordinating the provision of efficient services to hotel patrons.
• Extensive know-how of leading guests through check-in and check-out duties, targeted at providing them with a positive image of the hotel.
• Able to take ownership of guests’ complaints and employ techniques to ensure immediate resolution.
• Functional ability to minimize disruptions and ward off unpleasant situations by employing tact and good customer service sense.

AS Degree in Hospitality
Utah College, West Jordon, UT | 2022


Customer Service Intern
Hyatt, West Jordon, UT
• Greeted guests as they arrived and responded to their queries
• Provided guests with information regarding bookings and availabilities
• Took questions for booking rooms and conference halls and granted per day/night costs
• Offered guests with information on hotel’s facilities and policies
• Ensured that lobbies and front desks are kept clean by coordinating efforts with housekeeping
• Escorted guests to their rooms and recreational areas
• Took and serviced guests’ complaints and forwarded escalated ones to managers

– Reservations Handling
– Communication
– Opportunity maximization
– Financial handling
– Conflict resolution
– Guest satisfaction
– Customer retention
– Sales increment
– Health and safety