If you are applying for a job as a Records Assistant, make sure that a cover letter is included and that it is specific to the requirements of the employer.

In your Records Assistant Cover Letter, you need to put in all your administrative and clerical abilities, communication skills and any accomplishments that you may have achieved during your experience.

The example below will guide you how to write a good cover letter for a records assistant resume.


Records Assistant Cover Letter Sample


212 Example 4th Street
Graceville, MN 62327

June 11, 2015

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
Essentia Health
87 Some Street
Graceville, MN 65521


Dear Mr. Doe:

I am extremely pleased to submit my application for the Records Assistant position posted in the Daily Times last Tuesday. I possess four years of experience as a records assistant and would like to use this experience to help make your company more organized. Please find my resume enclosed herewith for perusal of my application.

Throughout the four years that I have worked as a records assistant, I have shown proficiency in all matters pertaining to administration especially where records maintenance is concerned. My experience has taught me the need and application of confidentiality in all matters especially with material that is of a high sensitivity nature. I have hands on experience in a number of things with special focus on managing both electronic and manual documents and data entry. Furthermore, my ample experience has given me an edge over my counterparts where developing work related reports are concerned.

My enclosed resume will further highlight my skills and abilities. I thank you in advance for your time and welcome the opportunity for an interview with you. I can be reached at (999) 999-0000.



Holly Shiftwell

Enc. Resume