Management Assistant Resume Sample (Job Description, Skills)

Updated October 31, 2022
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Management assistants provide professional and technical support to projects and programs, ensuring their success and completion.

A management assistant typically provides highly responsible administrative assistance including conducting specific and moderately complex analyses of a wide range of departmental activities.

One of the main jobs of a management assistant is to participate in the coordination of assigned activities with other departments and external agencies.

Position Requirements

To work as a management assistant, you have to possess a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, public administration, or a related field.

Some of the main duties that a management assistant is expected to perform are provided in the list below. You can use some or all of these duties in your resume.

Management Assistant Job Description for Resume

• Review and analyze reports and financial data and implement direct communication processes with internal and external participants.

• Provide technical and paraprofessional support to assigned projects and assist in the analysis and monitoring of department projects.

• Evaluate and develop best practices for information management pertinent to assigned projects.

• Collect and compile data that supports the formulation of department policies, goals, and procedures.

• Develop new program elements and provide modifications to meet the goals and objectives of the project.

• Coordinate and monitor the daily operations of assigned projects and program areas, providing administrative detail and support where required.

• Conduct surveys and perform moderately complex research and statistical analysis, along with preparing and submitting correlating reports.

• Assist in coordinating marketing and public relations programs, along with preparing and disseminating newsletters and other publications.

• Provide technical and functional supervision of interns and handle basic office management duties as required.

• Respond to inquiries regarding project scopes and progress to external and internal partners.

• Collect and organize information regarding grant availability and funding cycles of grantors.

• Write grant applications in response to requests for proposals and submit and track grant applications.

All your management assistant resume writing endeavors can go to waste if you end up using a sample or format that is not appropriate to your circumstances.

If you are unsure which one to pick up, work your way through with a standard resume like the one provided below:

Management Assistant Resume Example

Elmer Fudd
70 Tin Road
Newark, DE 96541
(000) 521-5877
elmerfudd @ email . com


Top-performing Management Assistant with exceptional comprehension of providing paraprofessional and technical support to the analysis, implementation, and monitoring of assigned projects. Highly skilled in collecting and compiling relevant data supporting the formulation of departmental policies and goals.

• Competent in monitoring and coordinating the daily operation of assigned projects and performing administrative detail work.
• First-hand experience in conducting surveys and performing complex research and statistical analysis.
• Qualified to compile materials and assist in the preparation of reports, manuals, and publications.
• Deep insight into preparing budget recommendations relative to assigned areas of responsibility.

✓ Program Analysis ✓ Policy Development
✓ Records Maintenance ✓ Agenda Preparation
✓ Public Relations ✓ Office Management
✓ Budget Preparation ✓ Grant Determination
✓ Application Tracking ✓ Contract Negotiation
✓ Regulations Compliance ✓ Accounting Support

• Successfully obtained grants for 3 projects, all of which had been in limbo for 3 years due to lack of funds.
• Proved to be invaluable to the management by providing core assistance in developing and implementing departmental policies.
• Assured 100% compliance with all assigned projects to the organization’s rules and regulations.
• Researched 5 areas of concern for a complex project, providing project managers with vital information that helped the project reach fruition on time.


Management Assistant
Taylor and Francis Group, Newark, DE
May 2015 – Present
• Provide technical assistance in the analysis and implementation of assigned department programs.
• Collect and compile data supporting the formulation of department policies and goals.
• Provide assistance in developing new program elements and modifications to meet program goals and objectives.
• Coordinate the daily activities of assigned projects and provide administrative support to each project module.
• Conduct a wide range of department activities in terms of analysis and reporting.
• Perform research work and statistical analysis and prepare and submit correlating reports.
• Assist in coordinating marketing and public relations programs and disseminate letters and prepare agendas.
• Provide support in preparing budgets and researching past expenditures and future projections.

Assistant Manager
Cooper Inc., Delaware, DE 
Sep 2011 – May 2015
• Coordinated efforts to provide clerical and administrative support to assigned projects including correspondence handling.
• Assisted project managers by providing them with detailed reports based on sophisticated research initiatives.
• Ensured that all records and sensitive information were properly stored and secured.
• Responded to inquiries from the public through telephone, email, and in person.
• Assisted in writing and submitting grant applications and ensured that proper follow-up was provided.

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration
Delaware State University, Newark, DE 

All of us depend highly on our abilities to do certain things, yet when the opportunity to show off our skills arises, we forget what we are most proud of.

A resume gives us ample opportunity to showcase our skills as they relate to a certain job. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this?

The skills section in a resume is highly underrated – unfortunately. Imagine the response that you will get if you fill up this section with solid information about what you are capable of, and how you can use your capabilities to contribute to a company!

There should be no hindrance from your end when mentioning skills in your resume – after all, at the end of the day, we all sell our skills in some form or another!

A management assistant will articulate his or her skills in the following manner in their resume:

Management Assistant Skills for Resume

  1. Providing technical assistance
  2. Supporting assigned projects
  3. Collecting and compiling data
  4. Coordinating and monitoring projects
  5. Providing administrative detail work
  6. Maintaining appropriate records and statistics
  7. Conducting detailed surveys
  8. Performing complex research
  9. Compiling materials
  10. Assisting in the preparation of reports
  11. Handling marketing and public relations programs
  12. Preparing and disseminating newsletters and memos
  13. Directing basic office functions
  14. Preparing budgets
  15. Researching past expenditures
  16. Projecting future expense increases
  17. Determining avenues for grants
  18. Writing and submitting grant proposals
  19. Providing efficient follow-up
  20. Gathering and analyzing data
  21. Managing a variety of ledgers, logs, records, and reports
  22. Preparing and submitting clear and concise reports