Logistics Assistant Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: September 6, 2022

A logistics assistant holds a key position in the freight department of any company. S/he is responsible for managing stocks, and shelves, and ensuring that all invoices are correct and filed appropriately.

Working in a warehouse environment, a logistics assistant ensures that shipping and storing duties are carried out properly.

They also ensure that the status of shipments is properly communicated to all involved departments and that any discrepancies are handled immediately.

A logistics assistant can apply for this position with just a high school diploma in hand, but an associate’s degree in business will be preferable.

Logistics Assistant Resume Example

Wilbur Gran
100 Rapids Road, Franklin, KY 77733
(000) 999-9021, Email


Looking for a Logistics Assistant position at Cepheus Technologies. Leveraging knowledge of productivity standards, shipping management, and logistics overview to assist the company in managing its core logistics needs.

• Highly skilled in performing tasks associated with shipping and receiving products
• Hands-on experience in monitoring order cycles and supply requisitions
• Able to identify the need for repairs and maintenance of supplies and equipment
• Conversant with tracking routine logistic transactions


Logistics Assistant
Panda Postings – Franklin, KY 
2017 – Present
• Check invoices against service requests and verify invoices
• Monitor incoming supplies for quantity and quality
• Process logistics requests from various management sources
• Maintain safety of the property
• Manage paperwork associated with shipping duties
• Interface with vendors and clients to ensure the proper delivery of the shipment

Major Achievements
• Developed and implemented a system that checked for shipment quality and quantity using data from invoices and quantity cards
• Voted Employee of the Quarter following delivery of high-standard logistics services to the company between January and May 2021

General Worker
Panda Postings – Franklin, KY 
• Assisted in the maintenance of the warehouse
• Provided support for managing incoming shipments
• Prepared paperwork associated with shipments
• Filed invoices and manage records

High School Diploma
Franklin High School – Franklin, KY – 2007

• Demonstrated analytic and presentation acumen
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Good mathematical abilities
• Self-organized and able to work in a fast-paced multi-cultural environment