Logistics Assistant Job Description and Duties

Updated on: June 28, 2020

Position Overview

Logistics assistants work in a number of industries. Their responsibilities include receiving goods, stocking shelves while ensuring that invoices are filed appropriately.

They are expected to be experts in knowing their company’s products and how they are to be placed. Since the position of logistics assistant has much to do with shipping, employees working in this position are required to understand the shipping process completely.

Working mainly in a company’s warehouse, logistics assistants perform many duties other including managing inbound containers and verifying that they contain the right items. In some instances, they are also expected to ensure that the weight of the received shipment coincides with the information initially received by the shipper.

They also check invoices to ensure that service requests have been followed and create and maintain liaison with suppliers and customers to ensure that shipments are received in an organized manner.

This position requires employees to work very closely with clearing agents in order to ensure that all documentation and mechanics of shipments are sorted out. Reporting is another critical aspect of this position as logistics assistants are required to document and report every shipping procedure that they manage.

Generally, employers want anyone that they hire at this position to hold a degree in business and possess high attention to detail.

If you are looking for a position as a logistics assistant, the following list of job duties will help you understand what this position requires of you before you start preparing your logistics assistant resume.

Logistics Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Receive shipments and ensure both quality and quantity
• Trace, track and expedite purchase processes
• Create and maintain contact with vendors and customers to ensure timely delivery of goods
• Interact with third-party logistics service providers
• Audit freight cost and documentation
• Ensure accuracy of all inventories
• Maintain communication with warehouse staff to ensure proper working order
• Review bills, invoices and purchase orders
• Ensure all payments are processed in time
• Assist customers with inquiries
• Create packing lists and update shipment information in the database
• Organize files both manually and electronically
• Monitor and facilitate repair orders
• Coordinate deliveries for repaired or returned items
• Ensure that the warehouse has sufficient space for incoming deliveries
• Ensure that all items are correctly numbered and tagged
• Dispose of unserviceable or damaged items
• Conduct safety procedures for outbound shipment vehicle
• Reconcile hand receipts
• Manage warehouse security-related work such as preparing badges, passes and identification cards