Logistics coordinators work in a warehouse setting where they are responsible for supervising and coordinating the loading and unloading of supplies. They also oversee and organize packing and unpacking of merchandise.

They are required to keep in touch with workers, customer service personnel and other important people around the company in order to ensure that all work within the warehouse is managed in a proper manner.

People looking for a position as a Logistics Coordinator may take advantage of the following cover letter example in order to apply.


Logistics Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


573 Hedgewood Drive
Woodbridge, VA 77383
(014) 999-9994
sean @ email . com

November 12, 2015

Mr. Frank Nicholson
Manager Human Resources
ABC Warehouse
7738 Bradford Drive
Woodbridge, VA 99933


Dear Mr. Nicholson:

Seeing your advertisement in The Telegraph, I would like to apply for a Logistics Coordinator position at ABC Warehouse as I am well seasoned to hold the demands of this position. I am aware that the work of a Logistics Coordinator is not easy, but this is where my vocation stands. Through my stamina and abilities, I am able to make logistics work interesting enough to get the best results.

As far as logistics operations are concerned, I am able to oversee all material and equipment in order to bring it to fruition -. Previously, I was involved in a series of duties which led to accurate shipping information management and to enhance traceability so that nothing goes unaccounted for.

Most of my skills are best explained in person but I will put in here what I can explain on paper:

❖ Demonstrated ability to identify defective materials in order to manage shipment quality control
❖ Adept at planning and implementing procedures that coordinate onsite efforts in terms of project support
❖ Knowledge of basic accounting principles that govern logistics coordination

All the above mentioned traits coupled with my enthusiasm to perform quality work in a logistics environment makes me an excellent choice for a Logistics Coordinator position at your company. I am willing to talk to you about this position in detail and will call you soon to arrange an interview. In the meantime, I can be reached at (321) 333-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sean Wayne

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