Front Office Assistant Cover Letter Example

Updated on: August 25, 2016

Both clarity and germaneness of a cover letter are considered virtues. When an employer picks up your cover letter, he wants nothing more than to read something that is clear and concise – and is relevant to the job description that he has posted. If a cover letter is anything otherwise, it gets thrown in the bin – or archived for later. Don’t let that happen to your cover letter.

When you have written your cover letter, read it over once for smoothness. Check how well-organized it is. Any mistakes that you made the first time around can be eliminated at this stage. Reread it one more time. When you give it a once over two times, you will realize that you have actually changed a lot in it. And the end result will be a cover letter that you are proud to have written – and the hiring manager is happy to read.

Use high-octane approaches to writing cover letters. Launch your cover letter with a clear statement of what you want and follow it up by qualifying benefits that you offer to the hiring manager. Before you say what you want, lead with skills and benefits that you have to offer, making your cover letter a delight to read.

What follows is a cover letter that does this:


Front Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample


526 West Street
Milan, IL 52144

August 25, 2016

Mr. Harold White
Hiring Manager
TCM Corporation
969 5th Street W
Milan, IL 61252


Dear Mr. White:

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that I will be named Employee of the Year! But that is exactly the feat that I achieved while working as a front office assistant at UPMC, owing to my constantly organized work and ability to handle even the most difficult of situations by employing tact and patience.

As my talents go, I have proved myself time and again by providing the front office with support and guidance, and eventually ensuring customer satisfaction. Apart from receiving the Employee of the Year plaque, I have a few more achievements that I would like to focus your attention on:

• Streamlined front desk operations by providing core level 1 training to front desk officers.
• Reduced paperwork by 85% by introducing databases for record-keeping purposes.
• Introduced the concept of online appointment scheduling, thereby decreasing incoming customer traffic by 65%.

I do not only claim that I am a great contender to work as a front office assistant at TCM Corporation – my accomplishments speak for me. And the best way I can elaborate on my skills is when I meet with you in person. I appreciate your time and consideration and will contact you soon to discuss my suitability for the job.



Ian Stark

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