Front Office Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 19, 2021
How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Front Office Medical Assistant Position?

A cover letter for a medical assistant position introduces your resume to the prospective employer and it is your only chance to create a favorable first impression. In order to craft a great cover letter, study the following tips, as well as example.


  1. Demonstrate ways in which your experiences has prepared you for the medical assistant role.
  2. Identify the required skills and traits and highlight the same optimally.
  3. Use a conversational tone to convey your communication skills effectively.
  4. Clearly state the name of the position you are interested in and explain why you are interested to work with specific firm.
  5. End your cover letter by stating how interested you are in the role and request for an interview.

Sample Cover Letter for Front Office Medical Assistant Position

Kevin Jones
754 Riverview Square
Marana, AZ 86544
kevin . jones @ email . com

July 19, 2021

Mr. David Guilford
HR Manager
Arizona Health Centre
99 Peach Tree Lane
Marana, AZ 86544

Dear Mr. Guilford:

If you are looking for a dependable and meticulous Front Office Medical Assistant who is equipped with excellent front office management skills and medical assistance expertise, your search ends here.

I offer 7 years of experience in Front Office Medical Assistance. I enjoy working with staff volunteers, healthcare professionals, and patients. I am well versed in providing medical assistance to specialists during complex medical and surgical procedures with strict adherence to HIPPA infection control protocols.

During my first year of employment with AAA Clinic, I introduced and implemented a computerized appointment processing system that not only considerably reduced the manual effort spent in appointment scheduling but also enhanced the accuracy of the process. My employers highly commended my solution-oriented work approach and my ability to interface with patients and medical professionals effectively.

I am eager to bring this skill-set and dedication to Arizona Health Centre and look forward to meeting with you. Please call me at (000) 201-9565 to schedule an interview which will allow me to show the relevance of my candidacy to your needs.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Jones

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