5 Assistant Front Office Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 20, 2022

Assistant front office managers usually work in the hospitality industry – hotels, spas, and resorts are their main places of employment – where they are expected to be the first point of contact for guests and visitors.

They greet guests, provide them with information and direct them to the right departments.

Assistant front office managers are required to provide the best customer service as the entire reputation of an establishment depends on them.

When interviewed for this position, assistant front office managers are scrutinized in a very detailed manner as the right candidate must be hired to fill this position.

If you are applying for this position, you may need heads on the questions that may be asked at the interview – and prospective answers that you can provide. Have a look!

Interview Questions and Answers for Assistant Front Office Manager

1. How far do you see yourself in the hospitality industry?

Working in the hospitality industry is a dream of mine. Working at this front desk position for some time and gaining valuable experience, I will eventually want to work as a guest relations manager.

2. What do you think are the prime accountabilities of an assistant front office manager?

While each responsibility is extremely important for someone working in this position, I feel that customer satisfaction is the most important one. A happy customer can make all the difference to a hospitality environment which is why my main focus is on satisfying customers while remaining within the frame of procedures that the establishment provides.

3. What is your qualification for this position as far as record keeping is concerned?

I am technically savvy and very organized which assists me in designing simple but useable record-keeping systems in which I ensure that all records are maintained and updated often.

4. How do you manage conflicts?

Where customers are concerned, I never argue. I listen to them and then try my best to make them happy keeping them within the establishment’s guidelines. Of course, if there is a situation that I cannot handle with subtlety and call in my supervisor.

5. Have you ever trained personnel for this position?

Yes, I have. I have trained 13 people for this position in terms of first-tier customer services and telephone etiquette. These 13 people are now successfully placed in different branches of the hotel in three states.