Fashion Show Dresser Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 17, 2018

A fashion show dresser is an individual who assists models with dressing up for fashion and ramp shows.

A person working at this position must possess deep insight about the fashion world, particularly current trends in fashion. The work is fascinating for people who want to work in the fashion industry and make a career out of dressing models and actors.

To be considered eligible to work as a fashion show dresser, you have to possess a degree in fashion. Some organizations may hire you even if you have no formal degree, but to be able to understand this work correctly, a degree is an essential requirement.

In addition to this, you should show a keen interest in this work, and possess the knowledge of dressing up models and actors according to what a fashion designer has instructed. The work of a fashion show dresser is quite challenging, as one often has to dress models and actors quickly, making sure that the time between their appearances is efficiently managed. Moreover, you have to be patient, since you will be working in an environment that is often tense due to strict timelines.

Does the work seem interesting to you? And do you qualify for it? If the answer to both these questions is a yes, then by all means, go through the following list of duties particular to the position of a fashion show dresser:

Job Description for Fashion Show Dresser Resume

• Confer with fashion designers to determine what looks they want their models and actors to present.
• Make notes of specifics regarding clothes and accessories for each model, and inquire into the finishing look that is required.
• Look through provided clothes for each event, and their accessories to ensure that the “look” suits assigned models.
• Provide assigned models with information on their designated outlooks, and engage them in conversation to obtain their opinion.
• Assist stylists in performing their work, by dressing models in clothes assigned to them.
• Place accessories such as earrings, necklaces, headbands, and bracelets on models, in accordance with provided instructions.
• Make finishing touches by ensuring that accessories are in place and that clothes are properly set on models.
• Assist models in quickly changing between shots and appearances to ensure that timelines are met.
• Maintain working environments that are safe focusing on the safety and well-being of models and other crew members.
• Create and maintain logs and records of all costumes, clothes, shoes, and accessories used during particular events.