Cover Letter for Teacher Assistant No Experience

June 30, 2019

Writing a cover letter to enclose with a Teacher Assistant Resume is particularly important when the candidate has no experience in hand, just starting out his or her career and applying for a first job.


The reason is that it is especially important for an entry-level candidate to start on the right foot with an employer – as newly graduated people seldom given many chances.

So writing a great cover letter is your chance to create that first good impression.



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Entry Level Teacher Assistant Cover Letter No Experience


Mellissa Grant
65 Addison Place
Steuben County, NY 06543
(000) 125-4545

June 30, 2019

Ms. Emma Thompson
Learning Alliance
55 Akron Some Street
Steuben County, NY 06777


Dear Ms. Thompson:

Having recently found the listing for an available position of Teacher Assistant, I would like to offer my clerical and teaching skills to Learning Alliance. With and passion for working with young students, I offer in-depth knowledge of child development and best practices for teaching. 

Being an enthusiastic high school graduate, I possess strong communication skills and have a profound commitment to working with children of different ages. My knowledge includes:

❖ Assisting the lead teacher with the paperwork

❖ Supporting classroom teacher in reading, writing, math, science, social studies,

❖ Instructing individual and small group lessons as ordered by the teacher

❖ Typing and maintaining documents and reports

❖ Planning and implementing daily activities

❖ Helping both classroom-based support and small group instruction.

❖ Supervising the recess in collaboration with staff and other teaching assistants.

❖ Handling problems with flexibility, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

As an energized and versatile candidate, I would like to meet with you and will call you at the end of this week to set up a time of interview. You may reach me at (000) 999-9999 during the day if needed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Mellissa Grant


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