A classroom assistant is required to provide support services to a teacher in terms of clerical, administrative and supervision work. They are supposed to report to the class teacher and the administrator both.

Here is an example of a cover letter that a candidate may utilize successfully to apply for a classroom assistant job.


Classroom Assistant Cover Letter Example

23 W Landens Way
Peoria, IL 66353

September 21, 2012

Mr. Michael Ethan
Peoria Learning
773 E Center Street
Peoria, IL 88889


Dear Mr. Ethan:

I have been looking for a position as a Classroom Assistant since I moved to Peoria back in July. Having come across your advertisement for one in last Sunday’s newspaper, I am contended to offer my services for the same. I am confident that my ability to manage a culturally diverse population and relevant behavior management skills will come in handy if I am a part of Peoria Learning.

I was previously working for Bettle Learning in Evanston and have developed a number of skills in performing the clerical and other work duties of a classroom assistant. I have a profound ability to engage in effective working relationships with both colleagues and young students. Additionally, I possess advanced training in behavior management which is a great plus point when handling students of diverse backgrounds. My love for working with children and the corresponding skills in managing a classroom in regards to planning resource cycles are definitely above par.

I recognize the fact that people hired at this position are scanned heavily for backgrounds and I can assure you that mine will come out shining. I am very excited at this opportunity and would like to meet you soon so we can discuss it in person. I will contact your office for an appointment during next week and will be available at (451) 444-4214 if you need to reach me before that. Thank you in advance for considering my job application for this superb opportunity of Classroom Assistant at Peoria Learning.


Truly yours,

Ellen Siam

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