City Carrier Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 4, 2018

It is not the best practice to write a cover letter that boasts your experience.

But many of us do this, and it becomes quite difficult for hiring managers to determine what your skills are, which brought this experience to the surface.

Cover letters are almost never about the experience – in fact, they are solely about what an applicant’s skills and qualifications are.

If you can write a cover letter that highlights the fact that you are exceptionally talented in all areas that are important to a hiring manager, you have made it to the next level.

Writing a cover letter that says volumes about your ability to contribute to a company is not difficult. All you have to do is make sure that your skills and competencies as they relate to the job are highlighted as much as possible.

Here is a cover letter sample for an entry-level position that you can look through, if you are applying for a first job, or changing careers:


City Carrier Assistant Cover Letter Example



March 8, 2018

Mr. Seth Warner
Human Resource Manager
655 Meadow Lane
Long Lake, MN50210


Dear Mr. Warner:

I recently graduated from Long Lake High School, and would now like to channelize my energies to work as a city carrier assistant at USPS. Since I have worked in an internship capacity at The Moore’s Mail Services, I am sure that I will need little training to work in this capacity, allowing you to save on both time and resources.

As an extraordinarily well-organized and resourceful individual, I will be an instant contributor to your organization. With exceptional knowledge of sorting mail according to addresses and types, and ensuring that it is appropriately delivered, I am confident that hiring me will not be an incorrect decision on your part.

Owing to the short stint in a similar environment, I am well-versed in setting up routes for mail delivery, securing envelops and parcels, using portable electronic scanners, and handling COD transactions. Since I am a stickler for perfection, I make sure that no mail is wrongly delivered, and that any issues regarding the delivery or obtainment of mail are handled safely and confidentially.

Hoping to provide you with a more elaborate view of why I believe that I am the right person to hire at this position, I will contact you soon. If you need to reach me in the meantime, please feel free to contact me at (333) 333-3333.




Gustave Holler

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