Dental Office Receptionist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: December 7, 2020
Dental Office Receptionist Job Description

There is a high need for administrative staff in every industry. Similar to every other office, a dental office also needs the services of a front desk individual or a receptionist, in order to help it run smoothly.

Dental office receptionists manage the day to day operations of a dental facility. This includes simple tasks such as opening and closing the office and more complicated ones like scheduling appointments and maintaining petty cash.

There are many areas that a dental office receptionist handles such as:

  • Reception management
  • Patient handling
  • Records management
  • Inventory control
  • Insurance follow up
  • Billing
  • Correspondence
  • Office participation
  • Marketing and public relations

Here is a list of duties and responsibilities that are particular to a dental office receptionist position:

Dental Office Receptionist Duties and Responsibilities

• Answer incoming calls and provide information on dental procedures.

• Respond politely using proper telephone etiquette.

• Schedule appointments and make follow up calls to patients to confirm them.

• Greet walk-in patients and provide them with information on dental procedures and practices.

• Handle necessary paperwork such as dental charts, referrals, appointment cards, and treatment plan forms.

• Take patients’ histories and enter information in the facility’s database.

• Verify patients’ insurance information

• Provide patients with information on copays.

• Explain office policies and dental procedures to patients and families.

• Collect payments from patients, fill-in cancellations, and no show appointment times.

• Provide dentists with assistance by preparing examination rooms and sterilizing instruments.

• Properly store all patient records.

• Maintain the confidentiality of information.

• Update patients’ insurance information

• Follow up with insurance companies to ensure that claims are paid on time.

• Organize supporting materials for claims forms and mail or electronically submit claims.

• Maintain the inventory of dental supplies and equipment.

• Prepare billing statements properly.

• Mail overdue statements to patients.

• Receive, sort, organize and distribute incoming mail.

• Prepare and send an outpatient referral and thank you letters.

• Handle petty cash and light bookkeeping activities.

Dental Office Receptionist Skills

Dental office receptionists have to be skilled at many things as there is a multitude of duties that they have to perform.

Effective communication skills, the ability to maintain a good rapport with patients and staff members, and conflict resolution experience are prerequisites to working in this position.

Familiarity with technology is essential as dental office receptionists are required to perform data entry work on an almost daily basis.

Dental Office Receptionist Qualifications

Educational requirement to work as a dental office receptionist is a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED. However, employers do prefer a little experience in working in a front desk position.

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