6 Box Office Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 7, 2022

To see what questions a box office assistant will be asked at an interview, have a look at the following set of box office assistant interview questions, along with appropriate answers:

Box Office Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

1. As a box office assistant, what have been your prime duties in the past?

Working as a box office assistant means that one provides tier 1 support to cinemagoers. This includes greeting them as they approach the counter, providing them with information on running and upcoming shows, ticket prices, availability, and issuing tickets. Handling cash and credit card payments is also part of the work of a box office assistant.

2. If you accidentally issued a ticket to a minor for a movie that is rated R, what would you do?

Mistakes such as these seldom happen. But if something like this does happen, we always have records of all our customers and contact them to correct the mistake and apologize.

3. What is your method of operating once a customer approaches the box office counter?

Firstly, I greet him or her according to company procedures. Then I ask him or her how I can help. Once the customer makes it known what movie, showtime, and the date he requires, I take his personal information like name and contact number and verify ID. The next step is to issue the ticket and ask the customer to verify information on it.

4. What skills do you think one needs primarily to work as a box office assistant?

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are foremost when working as a box office assistant. Also, one needs to be thorough and detail-oriented along with possessing the ability to remain pleasant even in the most adverse of situations.

5. Tell us of a time when you had to put your defenses up with a customer?

A couple had brought a child to a horror movie and insisted that I let them 3 in. They even offered to pay me extra for letting the child in. I put my foot down and explained that I could not let a child in as it’s against policy to do so. Things got ugly when the mom started threatening me. I had to involve security to handle the situation.

6. Why did you opt to work as a box office assistant?

I like meeting and interacting with new people on a regular basis and this work gives me that opportunity. Additionally, my love for movies is something that can be best satisfied here. Of course, I get to watch my favorite movies as soon as they come out!