Legal Office Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on: March 19, 2018

An interview develops us as individuals and professional.

This is because when we go through an interview, we learn what interviewers/employers actually look for in candidates, whom they want to hire. If you present a positive side, you are in. If not, well, you know where that will go!

For a legal office assistant interview, the following set of interview questions and answers will help you in preparing for the process:



Legal Office Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

What is your actual interest in working as a legal office assistance?
Law has always held great charm for me, and since this is the career path that I intended to take up, I decided to train as a legal office assistant, so that I could learn the ropes, and contribute effectively.

What do you think a legal office assistant does on a typical workday?
A legal office assistant is a very busy individual, who keeps cases organized, by ensuring that files are properly managed, calendars are monitored, and documentation is organized. He or she also helps in developing cases by maintaining contact with people involved in a particular case, schedules dispositions, and drafts complaints. In addition to this, it is the work of a legal office assistant to handle research work, and ensure that status reports are timely and accurately generated.

What skills do you believe that a legal office assistant requires working successfully at this position?
In order to be successful at work while working as a legal office assistant, one has to possess deep knowledge of the law and how it works in the country. Apart from this, it is important to be analytic of mind, possess exceptional research skills, have it in you to be exceptionally open to new ideas, and possess the ability to handle reporting work.

What makes this work worth your while?
When I am presented with a challenge, I immediately sit up and get to work. The fact that challenges are an everyday event when one is working in this capacity, makes it worth my while every single day!

Have you ever worked in a legal firm before?
Yes, I have. I have two experiences with my name – one in an internship capacity, and the other in a legal assistant one.

What is on the charts for you as far as your career is concerned?
I am still learning the ropes of this work. Eventually, I would like to obtain a degree in law, and train as an attorney.