10 Aerospace Engineer Achievements for Resume

Updated: June 18, 2023

If you are wondering how to document your achievements on your aerospace engineer resume, you have reached the right page!

Mentioning the Aerospace Engineer job description in the experience section of your resume is not enough. In order to make the employer see your real potential, it is important to mention a few accomplishments in your resume.

Employers are seeking Aerospace Engineers that go above and beyond the average job descriptions and to match that you must come up with an impressive achievements section.

Professional achievements can be your daily job-related tasks but the ones that had a useful impact on the firm and that led to revenue generation, time and money saving, ease of operations, and so on.

Here are 10 Aerospace Engineer achievements you can use in your resume.

Sample Accomplishments for Aerospace Engineer Resume

  1. Provided training to a team of 4 technical engineers in the modification, design, and testing of aerospace products.
  2. Generated revenue of $60000 per year by conceptualizing and designing customized aeronautical accessories for American Aviation.
  3. Reduced fueling and maintenance costs of the aircraft fleet by 30% through design improvisation and installation of cost-effective aerospace fixtures.
  4. Designed and conducted stress testing on 2 prototype satellites successfully, which are now fully operational.
  5. Enhanced existing aircraft components and redesigned the crafts to improve mileage and speed by 10%
  6. Saved the company from a replacement cost of approximately $2 million by timely identifying and rectifying a fault in the hydraulics of one of the aircraft.
  7. Designed and implemented a highly effective data acquisition system which was used by all branches and was highly commended for same.
  8. Initiated and set up an extensive test lab across the US which is AS9100 approved and provides a quality environment for stress testing and design analysis for aeronautics.
  9. Redesigned a landing panel and door with similar features as the prototype but 30% lighter than the original one.
  10. Reduced overhauling and mechanical repair time by 10% through the implementation of a streamlined and systematic analytical and diagnostics process.

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