Pharmacy Technician Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: June 29, 2020

Pharmacy techs work in pharmacies, assisted living facilities, and drug stores where their primary responsibility is to fill out prescriptions. They prepare prescriptions according to written instructions, count tablets, and label medication bottles as required.

Working in a healthcare support facility, they provide information over the phone and to walk-in customers.

They also assist customers with locating items and providing necessary medical information. In addition, they are required to price medicines and ensure that proper filing is maintained of the prescriptions that have been filled.

Pharmacy techs are required to possess certification from the board of pharmacy in the state that they want to work in.

There are also some skills that an employer looks for when hiring an individual for this position.

Let us take a look at some skills statements for this position:

Sample Skills for Pharmacy Tech Resume

• Adept at verifying the prescription and setting the price based on insurance information

• Hands-on experience in using syringes and managing other compounding activities

• Working knowledge of the procedures and standards used in labeling and dispensing medication

• Demonstrated ability to work in a detail-oriented manner

• Extensive knowledge of pharmacological terminology

• Great attention to detail and carefulness

• Exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills

• Outstanding customer service orientation

• Expert in mathematical calculations

• Proven ability to follow written instructions and specific directions

• Conversant with identifying and analyzing problems and finding solutions

• Profound ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment

• Strong ability to work independently as well as a member of a team

• Flexibility in managing schedules

• Computer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, and Email

• Bilingual: English and Spanish

• Physically dexterous; able to work for long hours

• Strong administrative acumen

• Technology savvy; able to work with automatic medicine dispensing systems.