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Admin Summary for Resume

It is a known fact that a resume for an administrator position will be judged by the summary that opens the document. This is true of all resumes, for all position. But for an admin position specifically, you will need to write a summary that hooks the hiring manager in one go.   How is… Read More »

Fast Food Assistant Manager Resume Sample

If you are applying for an assistant manager position at a fast-food restaurant, you must ensure that your resume is properly managed. The content and flow of the document must be in sync with the needs of the employer.   Also, you have to ensure that you provide enough information for a hiring manager to… Read More »

Conflict Resolution Examples in the Workplace

When many people work in the same place, there are always chances of a conflict. In workplaces, people with different personalities have to work together, often towards a mutual goal. The difference in opinions can lead to conflict. What does one do to make sure that this does not happen? Well, conflict is part of… Read More »

Environmental Scientist Cover Letter Sample

You will be doing the world a great favor by working as an environmental scientist. In order to work as one, you have to write a cover letter that says that you will be a great contributor.   Technically, your cover letter should highlight your ability to support environmental projects through your expertise and hard… Read More »

Environmental Scientist Interview Questions and Answers

Do you want to ace the interview to obtain an environmental scientist position? Well, keep reading what we have written.     Before the interview date, make sure that you know what you will be asked. Specifically, your knowledge of environmental sciences as they operate in the corporate world will be checked. Stay as close… Read More »

Telephone Technician Resume Sample

There is no way that you can write a resume for a telephone technician position if you are not aware of the work. And there is absolutely no way that you can tell a hiring manager that you know the work unless you write a resume that says it all!     When you attempt… Read More »

Telephone Technician Cover Letter Sample

When applying for a telephone technician position, you must make sure that your cover letter speaks volumes for your ability to shine in front of a hiring manager. A telephone technician’s skills and abilities must be focused on when writing a cover letter.   These would include: Knowledge of setting up complex, as well as… Read More »

Telephone Technician Job Description

Position Overview A telephone technician works for telecom and support companies. He or she is required to help customers/subscribers by making sure that they receive optimum service at all times.   The work can only be performed well if you possess the knowledge of complex telecommunication systems. As a telephone technician, you will be performing… Read More »

Mail Handler Job Description

Position Overview A mail handler may work in the private or the public sector, depending on his or her specific placement. No matter which setting he or she works in, the work remains more or less the same. The main work of a mail handler is to ensure that mail, such as parcels, letters, and… Read More »