Electrician Apprentice Resume Example

Updated on: March 8, 2021

Electrician apprenticeship is an exciting position however it can be challenging at times.

The job might require the candidate to work in odd weather and at odd places like high poles or deep trenches or narrow spaces and building attics.

If you have decided to go for an electrical apprenticeship, you need an excellent resume to win the interview and ultimately get the job at the company you desire.

Even if you have a resume, it is advisable to update it from time to time and to ensure it is up to date.

When applying at a specific firm, you need to tailor it as per that particular employer’s preferences to win an interview for yourself.

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Electrician Apprentice Resume Sample

Marcus Gill
90 Tall Tree Avenue, Austin, TX 89332
(000) 213-4343
[email protected]


Self-motivated individual, with exceptional skills in electrical systems installation and maintenance. Unwavering reliable, have a strong work ethic, and a desire to deliver the best results. Ample knowledge of the National Electrical Code.

• Familiar with common residential and commercial electrical fittings safety protocols
• Capable of carrying out underground wiring, implanting and repairing outdoor equipment, and installing electrical meters
• Proficient in making electrical fixtures and repairs
• Ability to take verbal and written instructions and follow the same efficiently
• Demonstrated physical stamina for stretching, using both hands, crawling into narrow spaces, ladder climbing, and working while in constant motion.

• Wiring Diagrams
• Electrical troubleshooting
• National Electrical Code
• Electrical Panels
• Motor Controls
• Short circuits tracing
• OSHA Safety regulations
• Electrical blueprints
• Switch Gears
• CT Cabinets
• Two-handed tools
• Customer service
• Instruction manuals
• Conveyor Systems
• Power Supplies


Electrical Apprentice
Integrated Electrical Services, Austin, TX
Oct 2020 – Apr 2021
• Assisted the master electrician in installing and repairing various electrical equipment and wiring for commercial and residential buildings
• Detached, repaired, and re-installed electric generators and transformers as needed
• Studied electrical blueprints and executed the same in a safe manner
• Carried out problem identification and troubleshooting procedures in various electrical appliances including refrigerators and cooking stoves

Journeyman Electrician Program
Community Vocational Institute, Austin, TX | 2008

High School Diploma
Austin High School, Austin, TX | 2007

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