Electrician Apprentice Resume No Experience

Updated: July 28, 2016

Entering in the professional workforce for the first time is nerve wracking. You do not know what the competition is all about, hence the jitters. Providing a punch to your resume is what will work at this stage. Since experience is not something that you can boast about, you need something else to make your resume stand out from the dozen others that a potential employer will receive.

So whether you are applying for a position in sales, research or a technical field, it is how you present yourself in the first go that matters immensely. Using action words and strong terminology to outline yourself as a great candidate for a job is essential. Bullet statements work wonders in providing hiring managers with a clear view of what you can do and how you intend to do it.

Imagine that you are appearing for an interview. How would you dress? In your Sunday best, right? Right. The same way, you need to dress your resume in a way that it outlines your academic accomplishments and skills that you have learnt during school or in a volunteer position, in a positive light.

Here is an example of an electrician apprentice resume, written by an individual who hasn’t held a job before:


Electrician Apprentice Resume No Experience


Victor Mendez

898 Fairfax Street ● Romney, WV 56300 ● (000) 544-1210 ● vicmen @ email . com

 Electrician Apprentice

Summary: Dedicated, hardworking and organized individual with a deep interest in installing electrical systems. Well-versed in threading conduit ends and connecting couplings along with securing brackets in an appropriate fashion. Works extremely well in a team and follows instructions accurately.


• Competent in reading and interpreting drawings, schematics and blueprints to see layout of electrical equipment installations
• Proficient in testing electrical equipment and parts to ensure continuity, voltage and resistance
• Adept at installing and repairing electrical wiring, receptacles and switch boxes in an efficient manner
• Proven ability to perform preventive maintenance and testing procedures on electrical systems


• Electric Code Interpretation • Electric Circuits Maintenance
• Preventative Maintenance • Standards Compliance
• Troubleshooting • Problem Diagnosis
• Equipment Controls Wiring • Wiring Inspection
• Conduit Bending • Communication

Associate of Science in Electrical Technology
Gateway Community College, Romney, WV – 2015
Coursework: Direct Current Fundamentals ~ Accident Prevention ~ Electrical Drawing and Print Reading ~ Occupational Health and Safety ~ Alternating Current Fundamentals ~ Electrical Motor Control ~ Programmable Logic Control ~ Input/Output Devices


Student Volunteer
Gateway Community College, Romney, WV (6/2015 to 12/2015)

• Assisted in installing power supply wiring and conduits including MS cables and struts
• Provided support in troubleshooting electrical components, transformers and circuits
• Measured and cut wire and conduit using hand-held measuring tools
• Examined electrical units for loose connections and assisted in putting them back in place
• Maintained tools and equipment used in handling electrical maintenance and repair work