Apprentice Electrician Resume Objective Examples

Updated: March 22, 2018

The best way to pursue a career as an electrician is to be an apprentice. Since there are fewer schools or certification programs that will prepare you for the position of an electrician, you will need to rely entirely on experience and interest of course.

Interest in this field yields some initial experience anyway which is why most people who start out as apprentices have some information and expertise in what they are doing.

An apprentice electrician assists in installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems. He is required to possess some information of wiring, equipment and control systems before he joins at an apprentice position as this is the foundation on which the rest of the training is based.

The position of an apprentice electrician may or may not be paid depending on the individual employment status. For some people, the apprenticeship in itself is payment enough as they get to learn a trade in a real-time environment. When applying for a job in this regard, one will need to ensure that his resume is up to date and the objective dictates the applicant’s skills. The following samples of resume objectives will help you write your own.

Sample Objectives for Apprentice Electrician Resume

• A goal-focused individual seeking an Apprentice Electrician position at Solar Panels, utilizing basic knowledge of electrical wires and conduit systems to provide the best assistance to lead electrician.

• Seeking a position as an Apprentice Electrician at Rogers Electric. Bringing awareness of running conduits and terminating devices along with basic understanding of core electrical systems.

• To work as an Apprentice Electrician at Hoven Electricians where I may be able to apply working knowledge of installing electrical systems and associated troubleshooting activities.

• To obtain employment as an Apprentice Electrician with Grapevine Co., where I can develop my knowledge of common electrical systems and provide the company the benefit of my expertise in diagnostics and repairing.

• Technical-minded professional looking for an Electrician Apprenticeship with Trades Company. Offering knowledge of basic tools and equipment for installing and maintaining conduit systems while building my expertise in the core areas of electrical engineering.