It is very important to furnish all job applications with a cover letter irrespective of whether or not the employer has demanded one. Cover letter has become a key tool for landing an interview in today’s job market.

A cover letter for IT project manager position typically follows an objective format and is usually quite concise. An ideal cover letter for the position must enlist a few of your core competencies and the letter must essentially create relevance among your profile and the target job.

Following is a sample cover letter for IT project manager resume for your guidance.


IT Project Manager Cover Letter Sample


Christina Marcus

91 Peachtree Lane, Dallas, TX 67332
Cellular: (003) 444-3333 | Home: (094) 777-8888 | christina @ email . com

February 24, 2014

Mr. Martin Gilbert
Manager (Human Resources)
Tech Solutions
148 Connection Towers
Dallas, TX 25411


Dear Mr. Gilbert:

I recently came across your job posting of IT Project Manager at Tech Solutions. My interest in the position kept elevating gradually as I read through your job requirements, since my profile caters for all that you desire for the position and possibly even more. In the capacity of a well qualified IT project manager, I wish to contribute to your bottom-line.

Please allow me to paint a stunning picture of the remarkable alignment among the competencies I offer and skills you demand for the position:

Your Requirements


My Qualifications 

■ Expertise in IT application development and implementation to suit the customer’s needs✔ 8+ years’ hands-on experience in IT application development and implementation.

✔ Well versed in catering for the customer’s needs.

✔ Track record of exceeding customer expectations in the same.


■ Knowledge regarding finance business protocols✔ Familiar with finance business procedures including P to P, M&A, revenue management and treasury planning.


■ Skills in project migration, deployment challenges and system integration✔ Demonstrated skills in windows based project migrations using numerous servers based in varied geographic localities.

✔Particularly effective in handling deployment challenges and system integration.


■ Understanding the role of client relations in IT project management✔ Matchless customer care ethics, fully valuing the importance of client relations in It project management and business modeling protocols.


The enclosed resume demonstrates my outstanding dedication, efficiency and drive to succeed. If you are ready to take your firm’s customer satisfaction to an altogether new level, leading to subsequent monetary advancements, call me today at (003)444-3333 to schedule an interview for further discussion on the prospect.

I look forward to meeting with you, Mr. Gilbert, and will give you a call during next week to follow-up on this letter.



Christina Marcus

Encl. Resume